Zen is in the bathroom…

There is something very zen about water, and when you combine it with wood and earth elements, and even metal and fire you have the ultimately balanced room for calmness and meditation.

Here are some uncluttered, neutral, earthy, minimal, serene and peaceful bathrooms.  These are the descriptives to have in mind when creating a zen room.  Notice the soothing effect of wood in each room, and also the importance of seeing some elements from nature, be it plants, scenery or even shells.


Yellow me happy…

What a difference a color can make!  Color is a source of energy.  Whatever the vibe you want to give your space, color plays a crucial role, even when it’s neutral.  People should not fear bright colors, especially if it’s placed on walls or in a few simple pieces and cushions.  That way it can be the easiest thing to change and replace with a completely new vibe when you so fancy.  See the effect and the difference the color yellow can make… and notice how nicely it pops with the help of white and black.

Not so shabby shabby chic

Light, bright, classic and pretty!  Those are the descriptive words to have in mind when creating a shabby chic interior.  It is a fun style to create as it allows much freedom and you can mix and match furniture, colors and styles as you wish.  Above all introduce brightness to the space and preferably varying shades of whites, add earthy tones as in woods or wicker, some feminine curves such as in a statement chandelier, a little color preferably pastels and voila!